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Welcome! We are happy to let you know what we do and why we approach design and building differently every day.


PCDF Architecture (PCDFA) was founded in 2009 by Pierre-Christian D. Frye, a licensed architect, who melded his 20 years experience working in the New York City area along with extensive overseas travel, no nonsense demeanor, with his desire to provide unique, quality design service to every client. 


PCDFA’s work includes one-of-a-kind custom homes, uncluttered corporate and retail interiors, conceptual designs for overseas master plans and large multi-use commercial developments. We move easily from new construction and building additions, to comprehensive renovations, modernization, building rehab and historic preservation. 


We create built environments that just work! We focus on personalized attention to the particular needs of every project. Our President, Pierre-Christian D. Frye, is involved in all stages of every project. PCDFA's consultants and tech staff bring solid know-how to every team and we include them as projects dictate. PCDFA approaches design and construction responsively and responsibly.


Our mission is always to exceed clients' expectations for:

  • Clearly defining project, client and/or end user’s goals

  • Design excellence and technical knowledge

  • Respecting budgets and working within their boundaries

  • Working effectively with fast paced schedules

  • Straight talk with clients, contractors and consultants

  • Being sensitive to the Earth and built context whenever possible

Our plain language manner, staying current with new means and methods, and willingness to compromise while maintaining the original project design spark, brings unparalleled satisfaction from our clients. Our repeat business reminds us we are doing something successfully. We look forward to learning more about your project and how PCDFA can work with you to realize your vision.

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